Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thank God it's Thursday

Happy Thursday! Just one more day until the weekend. I am looking forward to catching up on some much needed sleep, since I am still recovering from waking up at 4:30 a.m. to be in the movie. There should be a law making it illegal to wake up before 8 a.m. Is anyone with me on this?

One topic a 20 something's blog would be incomplete without is guys. And anyone who knows me well knows there is always a story about one guy or another. Last weekend I invited my friend Greg to check out the new posh Lucky Strike bowling alley. He was as excited as I was about the ambiance of this place. The dark wood, dim lighting, fireplaces and contemporary seating separated it from the average mom and pop neighborhood bowling alley. Oh yeah, the kitschy waitresses also added to the atmosphere nicely. I guess something this cool, or as Paris Hilton would say "hot," never comes cheap though. It was $30 for two games of bowling. Luckily Greg picked up the tab,haha. He is such a gentleman. He always pays whenever we go out. I feel bad and try to slip in money when I can, but I never expect a friend to pay for me like he is my date. I guess it's just how he feels guys should act.

After we finished bowling we went to a hip restaurant/bar in a preppy neighborhood that is one of my favorite local spots. We had a delicious dinner and split a dessert, and then I suggested we hang out at my place for a bit since he was going to visit his friend who lives near my place later in the evening. We were sitting on the couch watching TV, and me, being the spatial freak that I am, noticed he was sitting kind of close to me considering the whole couch was empty. I used my body to create a barrier between us though, and was kind of leaning to the opposite side. At one point he said "mind if I" as he weakly put his arm around me. I kind of made a "uhhh" noise and he backed off. Greg is an awesome guy. He is very polite, sweet and he has great manners...oh, and he has a job. But I am just not attacted to him in that way. I felt kind of bad, but it was an awkward situation. I never thought we were on a date, and I didn't expect him to make a move since he wasn't saying anything flirty or even flirting with me before. This came out of the blue.

It's guys like Greg who make me wonder why can't I be attracted to them. They communicate clearly, are emotionally honest and mature, have good manners and respect me. They have a lot of the qualities I am looking for in a potential mate, minus the physical qualities. I am not saying I am totally materialistic, because I have dated guys my height, even though I like tall guys for example, but attraction is necessary in order for there to be a romantic connection. I always get lured in by the lookers who leave me disappointed and crying in my pillow at night, however, because I realize that they really don't care about me, and it makes me feel like crap. So really I have no answers as to why all the guys I want to like me don't in the way I want them to, and the ones I don't want to like me do. I pray that one day I will find someone who will have everything I am looking for, and when I am with that person, I will always feel good about myself and I will know it's right.


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